Yuri Plisetsky Edit

Brief Overview Edit

Yuri is a member of the Ange System. His first appearance on the tumblr was December 23, 2016. He has no recorded absences and is 16 as of February 2017.

Early Life Edit

Yuri was raised primarily by his grandfather in Moscow, Russia, and views him as a paternal figure. Yuri started skating for fun but as he got serious he was discovered and moved to St. Petersburg to study with his coach, Yakov. Yuri also studied ballet in order to improve his figure skating skills and enjoys it as a separate art.

Yuri competed in the Junior circuit of figure skating and won twice consecutively in the World Championship and Grand Prix Finals before making his senior debut in which he competed against Yuuri Katsuki, who was being coached by Viktor Nikiforov.

He won gold in the Grand Prix Final.

Canon Divergences Edit

Although canon states his mother is still around, Yuri isn't sure about the fate of his parents as of this writing.

System Life Edit

Arrival Edit

Yuri arrived around the same time as Viktor Nikiforov did in mid to late December 2016. He settled into system life fairly quickly following Viktor's example, but has some friction in his communications with others. Coming from a body that was heavily trained, Yuri often feels out of place in this one.

Role in the System Edit

Since he is very new as of this writing, he hasn't taken up a real role yet. He maintains that the rest of the system should work a little harder in maintaining fitness and is generally contrary, though that doesn't serve any purpose.

Jobs and Roles Yuri Fulfills Edit

  • Common fronter

In-System Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Viktor: Looks up to him as a competitor and friend.