Vriska Serket Edit

Brief Overview Edit

Vriska is a co-host of the Ange System. Her first post on the tumblr appeared on September 4, 2012. She has no recorded absences and is approximately 18 (Earth years) as of February 2017.

Early Life Edit

Vriska Serket was raised by Spidermom on an alien planet. Troll culture was extremely violent, and prioritized so-called 'high-bloods' to the point of allowing them to murder those lower on the caste system than them.

"I mean, it was survival of the fittest, you know? Except everyone was trying to kill each other to prove their right to be on top and because us higher-bloods got downright nasty."
Vriska herself made friendships, but she also made enemies. She killed many other troll children to keep her Lusus (that is, parentish creature, spidermom) sated. She also killed Aradia Megido and Tavros Nitram later on. At the time, she didn't feel guilty about it, but later came to regret her previous violent actions.

During the events of her canon, she came to realize that she had been needlessly cruel and was ostracized and rejected for it. She vowed she would change her ways after she realized she was wrong in what she did.

Canon Divergences Edit

Vriska was not killed by Terezi during their fateful encounter and instead made it to the ship alive, which was when she was ousted from the rest of the social group for what she had done and realized her wrongdoing. She stayed on the ship for two years before her arrival in the system.

System Life Edit

Arrival Edit

Vriska arrived in 2012 around the same time as many other Homestuck fictives were appearing. She was quick to apologize for her actions and rebrand herself as being 'nice', though she didn't want to give up her personality entirely.

She was made into a system co-host due to her frequent fronting habits.

Role within the System Edit

Vriska is a co-host of the system and technically third in command after Minato. She is very socially extroverted and often does what our more introverted system members cannot do when they're out of socializing energy for the day. Other than that, she is at least a friend or acquaintance to most people in the system.

Jobs and Roles Vriska Fulfills Edit

  • Co-host
  • Fictive
  • Extrovert
  • Common Fronter

In-System Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Terezi: In a lowkey kismesis relationship
  • Karkat: a friend and rival from canon
  • Bec: Mischief cohort.