Minato Arisato Edit

Brief Overview Edit

Minato is a co-host of the Ange System. His first post on the tumblr was on May 19, 2014. He has no recorded absences and is 17 as of February 2017.

Early Life Edit

Minato's parents died in 1999, when Minato was 6 years old. Before that, he remembers being raised by loving and attentive parents.

After his parents died, he was handed off to various relatives over the years, each inevitably getting fed up with his poor school performance and his withdrawn nature, sending him deeper into depression, exacerbated by his relatives his own age. By the time he was sent to live with his grandfather, Minato was nearly despondent and distrustful of his peers and other people. However, his grandfather was extremely gentle and patient with him, eventually sending him to Iwatodai for better academic advancement.

Over his year at Gekkoukan high school, he gradually learned to open up and made new friends, including his now quasiplatonic partner, Aigis. Minato participated in a club that fought 'shadows' during a hidden hour in the day. Unfortunately, this fight eventually led to his death.

Minato remembers very little from the afterlife. In his own words: "It was everything and nothing stretched into an eternity and a millisecond all at once. But it was peaceful, and bigger than you can imagine."

Divergence from Canon Edit

Minato's childhood may be counted as a divergence from canon as the time between his parent's death and being sent to Iwatodai is never really explained or elaborated on in canon. Many of his interactions are more vivid than portrayed in the game since he is the player avatar.

A small difference is that of his appearance; Minato describes himself as somewhat darker-skinned than he appears in the game, and with a wider nose.

Life in the System Edit

Arrival Edit

Minato arrived sometime during the spring of 2014, but kept himself hidden until after the summer was over so as to not make Artemis uncomfortable. Not a lot was known about Minato's source material at the time and his memories had to be gained gradually as the system played through Persona 3. However, he still isn't the first Persona 3 member to appear--that honor goes to Aigis.

Minato believes his arrival to be fairly shortly after his death, and has had to acclimate to the world of the living again.

Role within the System Edit

Minato is a common fronter and a co-host, the second to be given that title. Minato often functions as a back-up host, making decisions when prompted or when things go wrong and Artemis is not around to help. He quickly usurped Vriska as second-in-command due to his levelheaded nature.

Minato has adapted to system life fairly well, although he sometimes still has issues both with the death of his parents and the trauma of dying.

Jobs and Roles Minato Fulfills Edit

  • Co-host
  • Fictive
  • Common Fronter

In-System Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Aigis: his quasiplatonic partner and closest friend.
  • Hamuko: She has decided they're adopted twins.
  • Yukari: A friend and ally from his canon.
  • Mitsuru: A friend and ally from his canon. Looks up to her.
  • Junpei: A friend and ally from his canon...ish. Actually from Hamuko's canon, but close enough.
  • Elizabeth: His friend and confidante, who he goes to for advice.
  • Fuuka: A friend and ally from his canon.
  • Vriska: A friendly rivalry.
  • Labrys: an acquaintance who only got to know him here after his death but interacted with his friends in her own canon, and considers him a friend.
  • Souji: They tease each other, but they're friends.
  • Little Red: She considers him a big brother figure.
  • Rin: Interacted because of Little Red, the two now have a shared interest of supporting and protecting the girl.