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Brief Overview Edit

Lucina is a member of the Ange System. Her first post on the tumblr was on January 28, 2015. She is approximately 20 as of March 2017.

Early Life Edit

Lucina was born to her father, Chrom, and her mother, who is probably Robin. Lucina was raised by her parents until around age 12, when the war with Grima and the Risen took her father's life and the tide began to turn against her nation of Ylisse.

Before her father's death he gave her his legendary sword, the Falchion, and trained her in swordplay for years. As the Princess of Ylisse she took command of the wartime operations, but it soon became clear that the situation was unwinnable, and if something wasn't done everyone in Ylisse would be slain and the world would be destroyed. Naga sent her and her comrades into the past in order to change the future.

In the past, Lucina briefly fought against her father but eventually it was revealed who she was. She proceeded to gather her comrades scattered throughout the world and help her father and his army in defeating Grima and eliminating the Risen threat.

It was right after that final conflict that Lucina came to the system.

Timeline and Canon Divergences Edit

Because of the nature of her time travelling and the matchmaking nature of her source material, there has been a lot of confusion about Lucina's mother, which canonically has several possibilities. None of her comrade's mothers are known either.

Life in the System Edit

Arrival Edit

Lucina arrived somewhere around very late 2014 and early 2015, after her father, Chrom, and Tharja who is also from her canon. Although technology might have been difficult to understand at first, she was quick with adapting to modern life.

Role Within the System Edit

Lucina initally and has continued to think about the health and fitness of the body, as she both cares about the health of the system as a whole and wants to take up swordplay again.

Jobs and Roles Lucina Fulfills Edit

  • Common fronter
  • fictive
  • Physical protector (secondary)

In-System Relationships: Edit

Family Edit

  • Chrom: Father

Friends Edit

  • Severa: Friend from her future.
  • Cordelia: A friend of her father's and is friends with her mother.
  • Minato