IA Edit

Brief Overview Edit

IA is a member of the Ange System. Her first post on the tumblr was on March 15, 2016. She has no recorded absences and was released in January of 2012.

Early Life Edit

IA's 'memories' are different from most human's--since she's both a program as well as the public perception of that program mixed with a few other elements, her memories are both a mix of public perception and public appearances, but none of them were particularly personal. She's all of the IA programs and none of them and something entirely different all at once.

A Note on Vocaloid Behavior and Memory Edit

As mentioned above, IA's memory is different from non-digital lifeforms. Generally, this applies to all Vocaloids within the Ange system. However, as the voicebanks grow older their capacity for more complex emotions and expression grows. IA's resemblance to humans is much closer than that of Miku or Luka's.

Life in the System Edit

Arrival Edit

IA arrived sometime before 2016, possibly late 2015 or earlier. As with the other Vocaloids, the idea of a corporeal body was fascinating and sometimes difficult to adjust to. However she is cheerful (though a little cheeky) and is a positive force for the system as a whole.

Role Within the System Edit

While IA has no specific duties, she is always ready to cheer up anyone that needs it. She also has a creative drive and has created several works of art, and is working on producing songs with her own vocal bank.

Jobs and Roles IA fulfills: Edit

  • fictive
  • common fronter

In-System Relationships: Edit

Family: Edit

  • Miku: Fellow Vocaloid. She looks up to and admires her.
  • Luka: Fellow Vocaloid. She also admires her.

Friends: Edit

  • Artemis: IA has no problems with being a 'muse' for them.
  • Houteki: as Houteki is a songwriter, IA would like to work together with him.