Camilla Edit

Brief Overview Edit

Camilla is a member of the Ange System. Her first post on the tumblr was July 24, 2015. She has no recorded absences, is approximately 23 as of February 2017.

Early Life Edit

Camilla was raised in the Kingdom of Nohr under her father, King Garon. Her mother was unnamed and used her as a pawn in order to gain favor with the king. Despite this, she views her half-siblings as true family, and even her brother Kamui who is not related by blood.

Camilla enjoyed activities such as going to the opera with her family, travelling to distant kingdoms and learning about their culture, and as always enjoys the art of combat. She was taught by the very best tutors when she expressed an interest in learning wyvern-riding.

She has always felt at home in taking care of others and considered herself to be her sibling's unofficial mother, with perhaps the exception of Xander, who she sees as an equal.

Specific Canon Divergences Edit

Camilla claims that the outfit that is shown in most of Fire Emblem Fates, featuring an "appalling" lack of breastplate and vital area exposure, was in fact ceremonial armor. Her real armor was much more standard and protected more completely, and she more often wore elegant dresses when she wasn't in armor.

Camilla also remembers that her Kamui left Nohr for Hoshido during the 'choice' offered at the beginning of her canon. This varies across the different fictives of this universe.

Life in the System Edit

Arrival Edit

When Fire Emblem: Fates was announced and Camilla briefly shown in the promotional material, that was the first sign she had arrived. However, she didn't make any official appearances until later (though notably before the source material appeared). She was the second fictive from Fire Emblem: Fates to appear after Aqua.

Role within the System Edit

Camilla greatly enjoys taking care of the system as a whole, much like she did with her siblings in Nohr. She has unofficially taken the entire system under her wing as a maternal and protective figure, but most especially the children, who she often plays with and watches over in headspace.

Jobs and Roles that Camilla Fulfills: Edit

  • System Protector
  • Parental Figure
  • Fictive
  • Common Fronter

In-System Relationships Edit

Family: Edit

  • Kamui: Brother
  • Elise: Sister
  • Aqua: Half-sister

Friends: Edit

  • Severa: Retainer from canon
  • Sakura: Adopted "sister"