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Brief Overview Edit

Bec's first post on the tumblr was September 2, 2012, but she is believed to have originated earlier than 2011. She has no absences and is of nebulous teenager age.

Early Life Edit

Bec has no history outside of the system, and is closely tied with the body's history and Artemis's history. The best guess is that she appeared sometime during middle school, when Artemis was feeling most pressured to be a dutiful child and suppressed any urge to act out. As with many early system members, Bec is LGBT, and may have been subconsciously responsible for much of the self-loathing the system went through when questioning their sexuality.

Bec was largely undifferentiated and lacking in self-awareness until at least the summer of 2012.

Enmeshment with Artemis Edit

Bec was one of the pre-2011 members and therefore remembers very little her time before 2011. Most of her memories are body memories and interweaved with Artemis's memories. Despite this, it doesn't bother her.

Life in the System Edit

Arrival Edit

Since gaining self and selves-awareness in 2012, Bec has largely played the same role as she did before, but this time through her own free will instead of expressing frustration for lack of freedom. Bec greatly enjoys the independence that comes from being mentally separated from Artemis and being able to freely express herself as gay. As much as the two sometimes bicker about responsibilities, Artemis considers themself close with her.

Bec has a fierce independent streak and can come off as cocky when she's interacting with strangers.

Role Within the System Edit

Bec is primarily a protector (though not physically) and feels anger and injustice much more acutely than Artemis did.

Jobs and Roles that Bec Fulfills Edit

  • Emotional protectior
  • Common Fronter

In-System Relationships: Edit

Friends Edit

  • Artemis: Because of their initial enmeshment the two are close.
  • Joker: The two have senses of humor that bounce off one another.
  • Rex: Since the two came together, they enjoy each other's company.
  • Luther