Brief Overview Edit

Artemis is the main host of the Ange System and founded the blog at its creation in 2011. They have been around at least since 2001 and possibly earlier. They are the body's age.

Disparate Parts Edit

Artemis the individual is made up of two fragments; one a shell and the other extremely vulnerable. These two are almost always inseparable and generally do not play any individual roles within the system itself.

Early Life Edit

The first records of memory Artemis has are around 6-7 years of age. However, being the system host, they generally claim the body's history.

Major differences between the body and Artemis are mostly their appearance, which is heavily scarred and androgynous, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

System Life Edit

Discovery of the System Edit

Artemis discovered the system in the summer of 2011 with Houteki revealing himself. Since then it has been one person and one revelation after another. Artemis researched a lot in the healthy multiplicity spheres, including LB-lee's work, Astraea Group's website, and many others.

The Development of the Host Position Edit

Sometime after the founding of the system when the system had racked up at least 50 members, Artemis decided to give the position of co-host to Vriska on the basis of being a frequent fronter. This set the precedent for 'Host' being a political position rather than a natural one.

Role Within the System Edit

Being the head host, Artemis makes most of the major life decisions affecting outside world affairs. Artemis is also the organizer of most of the social media presence for the system as a whole, is the public face for many interactions, and is in effect the head ruler within the system regarding its politics.

Artemis also plays the part of a touchstone for the rest of the system; everyone technically knows them, even if they don't know other members of the system.

Jobs and Roles Artemis Fulfills Edit

  • Host
  • Common Fronter

In-System Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Shina: Close friend
  • Minato: Fellow Co-host
  • Vriska: Fellow Co-host
  • Little Red: Considers her a little sister, or smaller version of themself from before.
  • Bec: Also close, being one of the pre-2011 members.
  • Everyone in the system, to an extent.